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Limperos Group Inc. uses real organizational experiences in a live lab setting to help leaders develop or strengthen their personal impact and executive presence.  Coaching may be done individually in a closed setting or within the day-to-day environment that the executive experiences.  Services includes individual and group programs.

Presence determines over
of hiring and promotion
decisions at the executive level.
For women that number can jump to 85%,
even for very qualified individuals.
--  WSJ   

Executive presence
is the consistent ability to lead and operate confidently within the constraints and pressures of the business world such that others seek out your guidance and emulate your actions, increasing your personal effectiveness and the effectiveness of those around you.  It includes:
  • How you show up
  • How you communicate
  • How you take action
  • How you think
  • How you size up situations
  • How you build relationships
Limperos Group helps individuals who want to be high impact executives create or enhance their presence to continue to reach their professional goals.  Presence then becomes the "door" through which real-world business issues are encountered and examined during individual or group meetings.

The bottom line...
Suitable importance has been placed on a track record as it impacts professional advancement and effectiveness ... you perform well, you advance.  Less importance is given to the role of presence, the "It Factor", as it relates to personal impact and success.  Seldom do we link back ambiguous comments such as "she's leveled out", "the chemistry just isn't right", or "he doesn't get it" to the major role personal presence really plays in continued growth.  "Making the numbers" is of course fundamental.  However, it is how an individual works through the pressures and politics of daily business that reflects the person's true effectiveness.

Clients benefit from the combination of experiences brought to the table by Limperos Group consultants:

  • Executive and line management 
  • Private and public company 
  • Small and large organization 
  • Entrepreneur 
  • P&L and budget 
  • Product and service 
  • Individual contributor and team management 
  • Direct and matrix management 
  • Operating experience in marketing, sales, customer services, C-level
  • Executive coaching 
  • Sales and marketing

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